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This page is a translation of GlyphWiki:よくある質問@12.

What exactly is a “glyph”?

In GlyphWiki, the term glyph is used to indicate an individual kanji character's specific shape. The term font, when used in the context of GlyphWiki, refers to a group of characters (such as the collection of the 7000-odd characters specified in the JIS kanji set) or its TrueType font file. In GlyphWiki, data are managed on a per-glyph basis. If the group namespace is used, a font file containing all the glyphs in that group can be automatically generated.

I want to delete a submitted glyph, group, or page. Is this possible?

GlyphWiki is built on the notion that “everybody owns the data”, so in principle it is not possible to simply delete contributions, even your own. Of course, previously submitted data can be examined or recovered by looking up the history of each glyph (for example, if someone were to replace the data of a submitted glyph with “0:0:0:0”, resulting in a blank page). For more information, please consult the GlyphWiki:DeletionPolicy article.

Who is in charge of GlyphWiki?

Operated from a research perspective, 이용자:kamichi is the administrator of GlyphWiki on a volunteer basis. For more information, please have a look at the about page(GlyphWiki:About) and the privacy policy(GlyphWiki:PrivacyPolicy).

I have a question not listed here…

You can start a new topic at GlyphWiki:VillagePump (note that anonymous users cannot edit) or ask at 이용자-会話:kamichi. You can also directly contact the e-mail address listed at 이용자:kamichi.